12 Ideas for Marketing Strategies on a Budget

Any business needs sales, without them your business dies!Profit and Loss

Ok, so you need sales – so how to get sales – yep, good marketing, but when you first start up, you can spend all your budget on it if not careful – so below is just some ideas of how to market your business on a budget.

1.  How about letting the world or at the very least, your corner of the market all about you and your business.  This is where article writing comes in to it – blog about your subject – head over to places such as Bytestart and stick your article on there.

2.  Events – use them to market your product or service.  Check out all the events that happen throughout the year from public holidays to sporting events – use them to promote your business.  What about the latest blockbuster?  Can you tie in with that and make some noise?

3.  What about a competition?  Plug it on facebook/twitter/google plus and of course your website.

4.  Blog – one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site – write articles with humour or relevant to what is happening in the news.

5.  Stationery – use your business cards to get your message across.  Get a tag line thats relevant to your business and use it – make sure it explains what you are about.

6.  Testimonials – these remain one of the best ways to get your message across to new or potential customers, but don’t wait for a happy customer to volunteer them – make a point of asking for them.

7.  Get to know your local radio station – get in touch and speak to them about that wonderful promotion you are running that coincides with the local event they are plugging etc.  Give them a good reason to mention you, without having to pay thousands for an advert.

8.  Do a slot!  If you are invited to networking groups – see if you can ‘do’ a ten minute slot telling them about you – but do make sure its said with a hint of humour otherwise you will come across as a walking advert!

9.  Start a newsletter – collect email address from your website – then send our regular offers or pieces of vital information.

10. When you send out an invoice – have you thought about making an offer on it, so that they come back and buy more from you?

11. Use online business forums – you can then build a reputation.

12. Pick up the phone and make some calls – but not cold calls – calls to those who perhaps didn’t buy yet, or contacts you havn’t spoken to for a while.  Never forget – referrals, referrals referrals!!



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