Are you Ready to Start A Business?

Are you ready for business

So you are either jobless or about to be or perhaps just fed up with the 9-5 rat race and want to take charge of your own life.

Have you thought about it – no I mean really thought about it?

Do you have a romantic notion in your head that to start up a business you merely sit in front of your pc, make a couple of phone calls and boss everyone around, playing golf or disappearing home early?


Firstly, think about the money situation.

A business rarely makes money in the first six months of starting up, do you therefore have money reserves that will feed you and keep a roof over your head? Do you have any money to plough in to the business?

Can you motivate yourself?

Let’s face it, you will have brilliant days and you will have really bad days – thats the life of a startup and don’t let anyone tell you differently, but do you have the get up and go to not let the downs get to you? Or do you have someone around you that will give you that much needed at time, kick up the arse?

And what about hours you want to work?

Do you realise that you won’t be able to say, hey I will work 9-5? Perhaps that’s not your intention anyhow, perhaps you are starting up so that you can fit in more time for your family. Just be aware, that the best of plans will still come unstuck.

So do you have a supportive family around you?

One that understands, that although you are now the boss that you are not sitting home and are not available for them all the time. You have to differentiate your work space to your family life – so that you can keep your sanity.

And finally, are you passionate about your business? Are you protective of it?

So having thought about all these things and if you can say yes, then you are ready to start up your ‘start-up’!



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