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starting a businessSo you have arrived at that moment – you know, your eureka moment. Welcome to the world of business confusion!

Many start up a business because they have a good idea, or need extra income and start up as a partime hobby business, whilst others have to go it alone. The plight of the economy at the moment, means many are leaving – through no fault of their own – their jobs and face the prospect of having no income to pay the bills with.

But what if you don’t have the ephinany moment and are struggling for ideas of what you can do.

Ok, so its pad and paper time – make a list of all the things that you can do well, such as handling people well, or perhaps its a love of reading or numbers. Next list the things you struggle with or don’t like. So next, list from a business point of view, what things you have experience of and can handle, then finally, ask yourself why you are starting up in business.

A pattern should emerge. So look to see if there is a need for a business that involves things you are good at, and voila, the first thoughts of what you can do are emerging.

So, idea in mind, its time to do some research.

Are you going to be online or offline? Local or national? Competition? Do you need funding to startup? Is there a perceived need for your product?

Go out and ask people, don’t be scared of being laughed at – you need input from others at this stage, and it might surprise you to learn something that perhaps changes your direction.

Next you need to get this down on paper and write a business plan and formalise your ideas. Its at this stage, its worth sitting down with someone who has been or is in business to run through their thought process and see what gems they can impart with you.


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