The Marketing Mix

Marketing notesProduct

List your products or services and include all their the key features. What is unique about them? Is it something new you are bringing to the market? Or just something old with a different slant?


Are you pricing your wares at cost plus a markup that covers other overheads and gross profit? Or are you doing it on a market basis, ie taking in to account market forces around you for your product or service? The later one of course takes in to account what your competitors are doing.


Which tools will you use to create awareness and generate enquiries? The internet? Direct mailing? Leaflets? Events?

Marketing Budget

What will it be for the next year? For each item?


Make sure you log how people found you, ask them. Use this information to find out what is working and what is not. Do this on a regular basis and use to to take action immediately. Don’t wait months and waste valuable resources.

And finally NEVER take your eye off the ball, marketing is an ongoing thing that you need to keep on top of, as development brings new means of getting products/services to market.


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