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Some things you might like to check out before you launch your website.Success in Business

Does your content tell the world immediately what the site is about? Will it get people to stick around and read to the end of the page? Remember, when people find your site, they want to read what you can offer them, not a potted history of how good you are and your past lives – get their attention with a headline that grabs them and keeps them – let them know how you can benefit them, as you are cheaper/faster/more innovative etc – make sure they know in the first 10 seconds.

Do you have your company logo in an obvious place and company or trading name? What about contact details – have you made it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you?

If you are a limited company, make sure you have your company number and place of registration on the site – this is a legal requirement, also you need to put an address and contact phone number on it too.

Have you got a privacy policy if you are collecting information? What about terms and conditions?

Testimonials and endorsements carry a lot of weight, and finally, have you proof read your content? Nothing more offputting that an obvious spelling mistake.

Ok, so did you check that your website can be seen in various other browers other than the one you use? Do the pages load quickly? Viewers won’t hang around waiting for any length of time these days with almost most being on broadband – they are now used to speed.

So, you think that now the content is good and it works and has all the essential information on it – you now think your work is over?

Far from it. Unless you employ someone to promote your site, ie via social media or via adwords/ppc or doing search engine marketing/optimisation on it – there are some things you can do for yourself.

Write articles and submit them to various sites, making sure you include your website details. Submit your site to relevant directories, promote it with twitter and facebook etc – and most of all, use something like google analytics to track where visitors are coming from and finding your site. This way, you can work on where traffic is coming from to get more.

So you see, having a website is not as easy as you think – if you want more input from specialists about how you can improve it, get in touch with us here at Biz in a Box and we can point you in the right direction.



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