Startup Package – How It Works

How it works

So then, if you are reading this page, you are wondering how to make use of Biz in a Box startup package with your startup.

In its basic form, we offer a basic package that you can purchase, that we at Biz in a Box feel, is the least things a start up will need to get going.

Of course, you might feel  that your particular business will need to be incorporated and/or vat registered, that you need legal assistance right from the start, that you are employing people so need HR documents and advise.

To this end, we offer these as, add on services.

Of course, you also might not know what it is you need, as you are confused about many things.

We are more than happy to speak to you and help you decide how much or how little your budget will allow for.  Use our experience in start ups and ask us lots of questions and we will chat you through it all.

Contact us via our page either email or ring, we will endeavour to help and perhaps from an outsiders point of view, we can suggest alternatives or other ways of looking at it.

So then, you have read through the site, and decided to go with the basic package we offer – what next?

Its simply a case of ringing us, paying for your package and liasing with us.

We aim to make the whole process quick and painless and when you take up our service, we will confirm with you, when you will receive your package/service.



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